My name is

Patricia Fiol

I am

Frontend Developer

About Me

Since my first console.log when I saw the magic happening for the first time, I became passionate about coding. After graduating from a software engineering bootcamp I continue my journey.

Currently, doing and learning new stuff every day, to be able to build dynamic and accessible websites, single page applications and RESTful APIs.

I am fully engaged to give customers the best User Experience, simplifying the complicated and finding the perfect balance between a great User Interface and a seamless functionality.

My CLIC values


My background in photography grants me with the focus, an eye for details and my taste for design. Just switched the light to code for creating.


There is always something new to discover, so much space above to grow. Life is a continuous learning process and I want to live as long as I can.


Besides coding I also like writing, cooking, drawing and DIY projects to keep my hands busy. I get inspiration anywhere and want to inspire others.


Connecting with the world, the people and everything around me keeps me motivated. I can speak english, spanish, italian and german.


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book list app - project screenshot

Book List App

Fully responsive App for keeping a list of recommended books. Made from scratch with Vanilla JavaScript

HTML CSS JavaScript
feedback survey interface - project screenshot

UI Customer Feedback Survey

A simple and interactive way to receive feedback from your customers using GIFs. This was my first single project.

HTML CSS JavaScript
vertical slider portfolio - project screenshot

Vertical Slider Portfolio

Visual portfolio website for viewing pictures with two sliders that run in opposite directions, matching the background colors.

HTML CSS JavaScript
quote-generator -project screenshot

Random Quote Generator

A simple quote generator that shows random quotes stored in a local database. A practical way to apply JavaScript.

HTML CSS JavaScript
Website - project screenshot

Rotating Page Navigation

A website for an hypothetical delivery company, with a minimalistic layout and a rotating effect to show the navigation menu.

HTML CSS JavaScript

Check again for future updates. More projects coming soon!

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